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Elite BJJ

Whether you have prior experience or you are new, we welcome all members to join our team. Experience what it’s like to train with individuals who are well represented in the field of jiu-jitsu.

Our Story

At Elite BJJ, we don't just share a similar love for jiu-jitsu, we have a passion for it like no other gym before it. The ability for an individual to gain control of an opponent on the ground is a huge leap forward in combat. One of our main goals for the gym is to build confidence in everyone, make kids bully-proof, and create a great jiu-jitsu family for Dickinson, ND. A crucial part of a this big step forward has been professor Joey Mack, a black belt under Amal Easton.


Brazilian jiu-jitsu is not just about physical encounters. This practice covers internal and external traits. From unwarranted situations to the living the best family home-life, Elite BJJ is a gym dedicated to improving the 'self' entirely. 

Personal Safety


Increase Awareness

Self Confidence

Sense of Balance

Mental Strength

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Quick Decision-Making